Sunday Stroll in Corktown


Late on Sunday afternoon my mum and I finally rolled out of bed and headed to Historic Corktown for brunch at the newest market in town.




The walls of Farmer’s Hand are brimming with everything you could ever want. They specialize in artisanal, Michigan-made products ranging from kale to ceramics and postcards.






All of their produce is as local and wholesome as it gets – these sunflower shoots were grown just a few blocks down the road.




In addition to bundles of greens, they’ve got a perfectly curated selection of meats, preserves, milk, and cheeses, so nearly all of your grocery shopping can easily be done here.






They’ve also got a little deli counter with a selection of sandwiches, pastas, and salads. We ordered a hot mug of Hyperion coffee with a swirl of honey in beautiful handmade mugs by Aaron Probyn and waited for our food.




We snuggled into the window seats until our food arrived. And boy oh boy, we had no idea how good this would be.




My mum got a toasted ham sandwich, topped with a tangy mustard and fresh greens…




…and I got the Sunday Special – brioche french toast topped with ricotta, pine nuts, pistachios, and homemade lemongrass syrup.




Divine doesn’t begin to describe it. This was seriously the best french toast I’ve had in my life, I just about licked the bowl clean. Just look at it!




I wasn’t dressed warm enough, but the outdoor seating will be lovely to bundle up for on the next crisp autumn morning. The indoor seating is cosy too though, with super fast wifi and tons of outlets to power you through.






We stayed for a second cup of coffee and chatted with the two owners of the place. Kiki is a local West Side gal and holds a degree from Le Cordon Bleu. Rohani followed her husband here from Australia via Brooklyn after she met him during a snowball fight, while working for the United Nations. Both are not only lovely but inspirational ladies, with an abundance of knowledge about food and nutrition.




After having our fill we took a stroll around the neighbourhood, first stopping at a new boutique next door.



Mama Coo’s is owned by Lana, yet another wonderful local lady, who got started on Motor City Match. The place is a eclectic mix of estate sale treasures, unique local crafts, and handmade gems sourced from far flung places.




Take your time to really look around, because there are so many treasures tucked into every corner that you might not notice at just a glance. If you’re looking for a gift, just tell her a little about the person and she’ll guide you to something just perfect.

I found this collection of adorable Frida Kahlo bibs and found myself wishing my niece was still little enough to wear them!




I ended up taking a delicious soy-coconut candle whose scent is named after her sister, Flora, along with some more goodies I’ll show you later.




Once I pried myself away, we settled into our architectural stroll. Corktown is the oldest neighbourhood in Detroit, and probably the prettiest too.

The streets are lined with whimsical homes painted in every palate you can imagine. If you wander around long enough, you’re bound to find a dream home or two.









If my dress matches the facade, that’s a sign it’s meant to be, right?


Dress: Abercrombie | Shoes: J Crew (both on sale now!)




 Wool Duster: Wilfred

Well that’s my theory anyway, and I couldn’t pick just one even if I tried. So for now, I’ll just keep dreaming of french toast and gingerbread homes.


Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 9.04.28 PM


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  1. 10/10/2016 / 19:39

    Your blog is beautiful 🙂 you should claim it on BlogLovin’ so people can follow you!! Keep up the good work x

    • 21/10/2016 / 03:06

      Jeg synes du er fin i tunikaen! Jeg har strikka to stykker, og de er stadig i bruk. Jeg tror du kommer til å bli glad i denne. Nydelig farge. God adievtstnd!

  2. 21/10/2016 / 03:03

    Hi. I don’t remember how I found your site, but since you spcilficaley address the question of links at the bottom of this post, I want to ask permission before I link to you. My readers are largely feminist and smart, so I don’t think there’s anything to fear from them, but my site *does* get a fair bit of traffic, and I don’t know if you want an onslaught of people reading this. If it’s okay, just leave a comment here and I’ll check back; if it’s not, that’s okay too.

    • admin
      22/10/2016 / 17:47

      Hey Jonni! I would be honored to have you share, thanks so much!

      • 09/03/2017 / 14:02

        Short, sweet, to the point, FRectExaE-ly as information should be!

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