Upper Peninsula: Beauty and the Grey Beast

At the end of Brockway Mountain Drive, you’ll hit the sleepy town of Copper Harbor. If you wanted to go any further north, you’d have to take a boat.

The area is surrounded by lush evergreen forests and pebble beaches, perfect for spending the day exploring.

The overcast sky complimented the blue-grey water of Lake Superior, added drama the already moody atmosphere.

We were lucky to have unseasonably warm weather, which also made us unlucky to be too soon to see peak colours. Unfortunately everything in these parts shuts down in late October until springtime, so I guess we’ll just have to wait until next year to chase the colours again.

Having spent the morning wandering the pebble beaches, we headed back into town for a break and stumbled upon Jamsen’s Fish Market.

Jamsen’s has been run by the same family of Finnish fishermen for generations, serving up the freshest smoked catches from Lake Superior.

Nowadays, they’ve expanded their menu to include a variety of baked goods and hot coffee.

They’ve also got a small pantry section range of homemade jams and Finnish foods too!

I picked up a Lingonberry Turnover and large cup of hot coffee and grabbed a prime spot on their picnic table out back.

Watch out though, you’re sure to make a few friends if you stay a while!

We threw the fine fellows a few crumbs and headed back south towards Lac La Belle.

If you follow the road all the way down past La Belle, you’ll hit a dead end at Bete Grise. A small dune-y beach stands at one end..

..with just a few dreamy cottages lining the other side,

You’re not far from civilisation, but when you get here you’ll feel like you’ve reached the end of the world.

Early French explorers named the beach “Grey Beast”, and it’s not hard to imagine how they came to name it.

The longer you spend there, the more subtle shades of blue and grey you’ll be able to see – we ended up spending all evening adjusting our eyes and listening to the crashing waves.

Jumper: Vince | Leggings: Lululemon | Boots: LL Bean

I know that this little beach isn’t one of the big ticket items in Copper Harbor like the shipwreck tours or Fort Wilkins, but it was honestly my favourite place. The serene grandeur of the place was far more inspiring than any of the other sites we visited.

So if you’re in town, pack a thermos, grab a warm blanket, and find your way down to Bete Grise, and I promise you’ll fall in love.



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