Johnny Noodle King

Johnny Noodle King is one of our favourite places in the city to go for dinner.

Johnny Noodle King Detroit

It’s a fun little place packed with energy that specializes in all things ramen. I especially love sitting at the bar. You get a front row view of all of the hustle and bustle of their little kitchen, and get to see your dishes come to life.

Johnny Noodle King Detroit

Johnny Noodle King Detroit

The only downside, if any, is that you’ll have to sit there drooling while you see everyone else’s delicious meals being prepared.

Johnny Noodle King Detroit

The mister loves this place for the huge portions served in bowls bigger than your head, and I love if for the creative daily specials. I once had an iguana bun there, and it was shockingly amazing. 

If you see something you like on the specials menu, make sure you try it, because I don’t think I’ve ever seen the same thing up there twice.

Johnny Noodle King Detroit

This time around, I we ordered the tried-and-true pork belly buns off of the regular menu.

Johnny Noodle King Detroit

Johnny Noodle King Detroit

Followed by a Pad Si U for the mister, and a Pad Thai for me.

Johnny Noodle King Detroit

Although we didn’t tonight, we usually indulge in some sake as well. They serve it generously in a dish, letting it overflow and spill over.

This time around, I ordered a dram of Smoking Gun Whisky from Two James, which pairs fantastically with the more fiery dishes here.

Johnny Noodle King is open for lunch and dinner, but fills up fast, and doesn’t take reservations. And with the cold weather coming, this is a perfect place to warm up.

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