Québec: Bretzel & Compagnie, Saint-Léonard

This morning Kate & I got up early and took a quick drive to the northern Montréal suburb of Saint-Léonard to check out Bretzel & Compagnie.

Bretzel & Compagnie

Montréal is famous for their bagels, so when I heard that I could get pretzel bagels I couldn’t resist. What is a pretzel bagel? Everything you could ever hope for. Crispy on the outside, moist and fluffy on the inside, and drenched in luxurious toppings.

Today’s selection consisted of cinnamon & cardamum, dark chocolate & flaky sea salt, maple & bacon, and white chocolate & oreo.

Bretzel & Compagnie

Once we got there the owner told us that they make tons more flavours (like smores, coconut flake, and cinnamon graham cracker!), so if there’s one in particular you’ve got a craving for you can actually call ahead and have it made for when you arrive!

We got one of each to take home to the boys, and had ours toasted to enjoy alongside a delicious cinnamon-chocolate latte.

Bretzel & Compagnie

They were super decadent, and we almost wished we’d split one. But only almost.

Bretzel & Compagnie

Bretzel & Compagnie

Bretzel & Compagnie has a full range of other pastry delights, as well as savoury bretzels and bretzel sandwiches. Everything is also super reasonably priced, at just $2.50 per bretzel with tax included!

It’s quite a bit off the beaten track for most people visiting Montréal, but trust me, it’s totally worth it!


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    This is an arctlie that makes you think “never thought of that!”

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