Québec: Koa Lua Union, Downtown Montréal

Out of all the things you’d expect to find in Montréal, Hawaiian poke bowls aren’t the first thing to come to mind. But trust me, you need to check this place out.

I love sushi, but I love poke bowls even more. Something about the deconstruction makes it a lot less pretentious, and a lot more fun and accessible to those that might be averse to traditional sushi.

And despite how delicious they are, they’re totally healthy! Raw fish has tons of health benefits – just watch how much sauce you dump on.

Koa Lua has got two locations in Montréal, both in the general downtown area and both impeccably decorated.

We went to the Union Street location, which is smaller and cosier and just a little more to my liking if I had to choose.

When we got there, we were told that their hours online were actually wrong, and that we’d have to walk on over to their other location which, in addition to having more space, also has longer hours.

It’s a beautiful 15 minute walk through the main shopping street, and when we finally arrived we had certainly worked up an appetite!

I got the Black Magic, and my fish-averse friend was happy to discover tons of other poke bowl options, including tofu, pulled pork, and spam.

I’m a sucker for Ahi Tuna, and the spicyness of the dish was perfectly complemented with the fresh, sweet mangos.

Kate got the Lilikoi Tofu, which was loaded with so much fresh edamame and bean sprouts that she couldn’t even finish it all!

The menus at the two locations were mostly the same, although each restaurant has different chef’s specials. The second location had a more high-energy, vibrant feel, and would be really fun to go to with a big group of people!

And both locations were plastered with palm prints and cheery blue paint, of course.

Go on one of those snowy, cold winter days that Montréal is famous for and I promise you’ll leave feeling as if you’d just taken a tropical vacation!



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