Italy: Tridente, Rome

Tridente was one of the dreamiest neighbourhoods in Rome to wander around in.

It gets it’s name from the trident shape of the roads leading down from the Piazza del Poppolo. At the heart of it all is the Piazza di Spagna and the infamous Spanish Steps.

The steps themselves are gorgeous, having been recently refinished to their original splendour. The piazza is buzzing with people milling about. For decades it has been a popular place for people to sit outside and have lunch on a sunny day or share a bottle of wine late at night.

In the early 1900s, the elegance and buzz attracted a lot of artists, which in turn attracted young beautiful people hoping to pose as models, which in turn attracted even more people hoping to flirt with them. And so, it became a kind of tradition to meet at the Spanish Steps.

It was also our go-to meeting point during the trip, and I must say I felt all kinds of Old Hollywood glamour uttering the classic ‘Meet me at the Spanish Steps?‘.

(Quick side note, these pinky-nude loafers are the most comfortable shoes ever – and they are a total steal! They also come in black if you fancy it more.)

But with this view, is there anywhere better to sit and wait?

The Spanish Steps are flanked by beautiful buildings on either side, some of them featuring rooftop dining if you feel like hanging out somewhere a bit more secluded.

At the bottom of the Spanish Steps lies Via Condotti, home to the most luxurious shopping in Rome.

You’ll stumble upon lots of swanky little boutiques selling beautiful things, but there is one place you need to make sure you check out.

Farmacia Santa Maria Novella is a historic shop from Florence that is a sight to behold.

They’re most known for their perfumes, but they have everything from hand cremes to incense and even dog shampoo!

I (of course) walked away with a bottle of Elisir di Edinburgo.

They’ve been producing the same liqueur since the 17th century when a Dominican monk from Edinburgh visited his peers in Florence, and the recipe was copied down on their manuscripts.

If you can’t make it to Rome just yet, they’ve got an online store as well where you can shop their entire range, and they even ship all the way to the US & Canada! Although trying everything in the shop is half the fun, isn’t it?

If you’re looking for something genuinely divine, there’s a great basilica at the end of the street.

It was one of my favourites that I visited, with soaring marble pilars and gold molding.

There are little treasures to be found everywhere around Tridente if you have the time. And all of the streets are perfectly charming. I could have spent days just walking around, ducking into side streets and alleyways.

Rome Tridente Italy

Let me know what little treasures you’ve found in Rome in the comments below so I can check it out on my next trip there!



Rosalie Le Gander


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