Italy: Emma Pizzeria, Rome

I love pizza. Not the gross, Dominos impersonation that you get delivered to the library at ten at night because you can’t be bothered going home to cook. I’m talking about the real deal.

That’s why I was super excited to hear about Emma Pizzaria. They only opened about two and a half years ago, but have already secured their spot as the pizzaria to go to.

It’s run by one half of the Roscioli brothers; so if (like us) you can’t get last last-minute reservations to Roscioli itself, rest assured that you’re getting the same high quality dough and sourcing as everyone down the road at the fancier place.

They’ve got a menu ten pages long full of everything from the classics to more experimental choices.

The three of us opted to split a bottle of red and three pizzas from different parts of the menu.

Emma Rome

First up was the basic margherita. Without fancy flavours to distract, you really can judge the quality of a pizza by it’s margherita. And let me tell you, it was amaaaazing!

For the second we got a combination of crispy anchovies and zucchini flowers, which might be unusual to us Americans but is actually very traditionally Italian. I found zucchini flowers on menus everywhere in Rome and are apparently sold in your average grocery store.

This actually ended up being my favourite combination, with a perfect balance between the earthy flowers and salty anchovies, so I’ll definitely be on the search for some flowers at Eastern Market when I get home!

Finally, we ordered the Zibello e Bufala from their house specialty list. At it’s core, it was just cheese, meat, tomatoes, but to say it was just cheese, meat, and tomatoes would be doing it a disservice.

The bufala was some of the finest you can get, and the Culatello di Zibello is among the most prized salami in all of Italy. Needless to say, this was the best pizza I can remember having in my entire life!

We thoroughly stuffed ourselves with pizza, but managed to save just enough room for some tiramisu at the end.

We stayed for quite a while after, finishing off the last drops of wine and sipping espressos. Emma has a cosy, almost cave like feel to it at night that I really loved.

We luckily were seated at a table with a view of all of the action from the oven. I find it truly fascinating watching pizza being made, like watching some form of modern dance.


If you only get the chance to eat pizza once in Italy, make sure to go to Emma. They’re open for lunch as well, a rarity amongst Italian pizzarias, and with the outdoor terrace and skylights I imagine it would make a lovely place for a lunch date!



Rosalie Le Gander


  1. Emilia
    16/03/2017 / 15:28

    Now I’m craving pizza 😳Any reccomedations for back in Detroit?

    • 16/03/2017 / 15:38

      I’d have said Rondinella but that has sadly closed. Supino is great, and I love Brooklyn Pizza in Birmingham if you’re willing to drive a bit into the burbs!

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