Birthday Tea at The Whitney, Midtown

As some of you probably noticed over social media this past week, I made it back home! And just in time for my birthday, no less.

Knowing I’d be missing the British Isles and that I love any excuse to dress up, my mom booked us a table for afternoon tea at The Whitney.

It’s a gorgeous old building right on Woodward Avenue. It was meticulously built by the billionaire lumber baron David Whitney for his wife, Flora.

It’s passed hands many times through the years, but has managed to maintain much of it’s original grandeur.

Room after room is filled with lush tapestries, stained glass windows, antique vases, and ornate details.

Even the bathrooms are insanely luxurious!

Did I mention that the stained glass is Tiffany?

I highly recommend arriving earlier than your reservation time to have time to wander around all of the rooms (and there are many!) and explore the history of the place.

We eventually came back downstairs into a little blue jewel box of a room for afternoon tea.

Is anyone else as obsessed with these floral chairs as I am?!

The tea was expertly strained and attended to by a friendly woman who had been trained by a local tea merchant just for this. The serving style here was interactive and unlike any I’ve been to before, and once I adjusted to it I actually really liked it!

Tea is served all at once, with everyone in the room taking part in each other’s experience, even if you’re sat at another table. We had the choice between a Earl Grey-esque blend made specially for the Whitney or a cinnamon tea with a lovely pink colour.

We also had the chance to start out with a mimosa or bellini, which I couldn’t turn down!

Although delicious, they were very sweet, and nobody managed to finish their glass. So next time, we’ll be sure to just order one and ask for two straws.

First up came the scones.

Again, very sweet. I really liked the clotted cream, and the blueberry scone was delicious.

Next we were given a small side salad and cup of tomato soup.

I’m not sure what’s in their house dressing, but it’s my new mission in life to find out!

The sandwiches came next, and this was actually my favourite part of the meal.

There was a traditional cucumber sandwich along with two more experimental chef’s creations. Each sandwich was , and I wish there would have been more!

Last but not least, my dessert plate came out complete with a birthday candle and song.

I devoured both the raspberry chocolate ganache and the lemon tart in no time.

Once we finished our meal, we went back upstairs to find a quiet room to sit and chat for a while, and take some pictures of this gorgeous dress.

Silk Dress: Ghost | Court Shoes: Hobbs | Necklace: Venice & Violet

I’m honestly obsessed with this dress. I bought it back in London and have worn it four times since! It’s perfectly tailored and pleated in the most beautiful drapey silk, and I love the little old fashioned touches like the button front and padded shoulders. I’ve also been eyeing up this flouncy peach dress from them, this slinky pink slip dress, and this gorgeous gown in both oyster and red.

All in all going to the Whitney was a really lovely experience. The order of the dishes was untraditional, the portions are a tad small, and they’ve got a habit of calling it ‘high tea’ rather than ‘afternoon’. But hey, we’re not at The Ritz.

Also, I’ve heard great things about their brunches and steak dinners that I can’t wait to come back and check out! But I’d make any excuse to hang out here again, wouldn’t you?



Rosalie Le Gander


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  1. Emilia
    29/03/2017 / 21:04

    Wow, I’ve driven by there a million times and never realized it was so cool inside! Ill have to make a girls date sometime soon.

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