Gogo’s Detroit, Downtown

Poke Fever has hit an all time high, and has finally made it’s way to Downtown Detroit.

Gogo’s Detroit is tucked away inside of Park Bar near The Fox and Grand Circus -lots of people will know it as ‘The Place Bucharest Used To Be”.

As sad as Bucharest’s departure was, Gogo’s is certainly a worthy replacement. On weekends or days when there’s a show on at The Fox, the place fills up. But even on quieter hours, Gogo’s maintains a fun vibe, and never really feels empty.

By virtue of being part of Park Bar, they’ve got an awesome beer list full of some familiar names as well as local brews.

The food is awesome too. They’ve got a small menu, hilariously on the back of what looks like a post card. And on the weekends they serve three delicious (albeit pricy) variations of poke bowls.

The food is all super fresh and arrives at your table in a flash.

It’s worth saying that this place is also shockingly kid friendly. My three year old niece was tagging along with us, but the staff there were really lovely and accommodating. They’ve got a whole range of Holo Dogs you can pimp out with toppings like spam chilli and seasonal fruit chutney, but the dog and bun are so delicious that my niece was perfectly content to have it plain.

(And yes, we helped her cut it into smaller bites later)

The Garlic Butter Shrimp Plate is to die for, as is the miso dressing that you can order to go with it.

The Loco Moco is my boyfriend’s favourite – a house burger topped with brown gravy and a runny fried egg.

And of course, the poke! You can choose between super fresh salmon or tuna and then how you want it done. This time around I got tuna with mint, lemongrass, sliced chillies, and papaya chunks.

Yeah, it was as good as it looks!

Gogo’s also has a smaller late night menu with things like Pork Katsu and Korean Fried Chicken that satisfy those late night munchies well.

Gogo’s is the perfect place for basically everything. It’s just as great for late night drinks and munchies as it is for dinner or lunch. Especially with warmer spring days ahead of us, it gives you the perfect excuse to get some fresh air and stroll through Grand Circus Park during your lunch break if you work downtown!



Rosalie Le Gander

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