Los Angeles: Afternoon at LACMA

I knew Los Angeles was a city of creatives, but outside of the film industry it was never somewhere I’d associated as a destination for fine arts. Boy, was I ever wrong!

The Los Angeles County Museum of Art, or LACMA for short, is a sprawling complex made up of a dozen different buildings, perfectly manicured lawns, swanky restaurants, and trendy cafes.

Here, you can find visual art of every era to satisfy your heart’s content. We went on one of their free tours to discover the modern collection, which ended up also being my favourite.

Walking in, you’re greeted by Tony Smith’s towering minimalist masterpiece, Smoke.

The philosophy student in me squealed with delight rounding the corner to Margritte’s The Treachery of Images and all of the existential conundrums it entails.

Further along, the Pop Art collection was full  Warhols and Lichtensteins.

Really, is there anything more iconic than this Campbell’s Soup Can?

In another building we found Chris Burden’s Metropolis II, an intricately designed miniature city with 100,000 cars zooming through every hour.

We also discovered the mesmerising Miracle Mile by Chris Irwin.

We’d heard about a special exhibition by James Turrell called Light Rainfall and were sure to book the tickets before.

You lie on a little bed while the technician puts headphones on you, and they you’re zoomed into the perceptual cell where you’re enveloped in a super saturated light show. It’s exactly how I imagine an alien abduction happening!

The exhibition has sadly closed since I visited, but check the video below for a taste of it:

Last but not least, was Keinholz’s ever salacious Back Seat Dodge ’38.

It’s a life size sculpture humming with old time swing music, with a young couple frozen in time in the middle of a frisky act.

Heady with the recklessness and passion of youth, it caused such a stir when it was first exhibited that it threatened to take the entire museum down with it. For a while the car door had to be closed, and would be opened only to certain visitors and with special permission. Today, it’s not nearly as shocking, but I still love the voyeurism and intimacy of it.

There was an entire garden dedicated to Rodin, my favourite sculptor.

And of course, no trip to LACMA could be complete without stopping to twirl around Urban Lights, an icon of the city itself.

Red Sundress | FloralPolka Dot

This is my new favourite sundress! It’s light and breezy in the summer heat, with a cute tie-back and front leg slit, and transitions effortlessly from day to night. And for all of my fellow tall girls out there – yes, it’s long enough!

There was so, so much more that I could show you from LACMA, and I could spend days exploring everything else that I missed!

But it was a Friday night, which meant jazz was on.

At first we settled on the lawn with the rest of the picnickers, but after intermission we were soon seduced towards the to dance the night away with the rest.

As the sun went down, we headed down the road for a bite to eat at Gracias Madre.

Everyone raves about the food here, but I honestly wasn’t even close to being blown away.

Still, the atmosphere was stunning and the staff friendly, so I’ll definitely return on my next visit for some mojitos and guacamole under their twinkling fairy lights. Just make sure you have a reservation if you want to get more than your pinky toe through the front door!


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