Los Angeles: Mulholland to Malibu

I had a lot of distinctly mediocre tacos while I was in Los Angeles. By the end of the trip I was actually kind of mopey, having visited a lot of the buzziest places in town only to be disappointed by everything but the decor.

Being the great friend she is, Kamilla arranged for her friend to pick us up and take us on one last drive in search of great tacos before I hopped on my plane home.

And this time, we were going in style.

Vacation Muscle Tank | Destroyed Denim (old, similar, light wash)

We wound back and forth on Mulholland Drive through Jurrasic-like hills and valleys, unusually green and lush from the winter’s rain.

An hour later we emerged onto the Pacific Coast Highway, as far north as you can go before leaving LA County, and pulled into Neptune’s Net.

It’s an oasis in the middle of pristine, hidden beaches and wild hills buzzing with bikers, surfers, ranchers, lawyers, and young families alike. It’s the kind of place where everybody goes, because everybody belongs.

And if Neptune’s Net looks familiar, you’re not going crazy. It’s been featured in countless movies and tv shows.

Most importantly, the seafood is fresh.

We picked up some onion rings a sampling of tacos, caught fresh from the ocean beside us.

Neptune’s Net feels a million miles away from the smog and reservations of Los Angeles proper, and it’s the one place that I’ll make sure to tell people to check out. I felt like I was experiencing the California my parents tell me stories of – the California of sunshine and crashing waves and laid back dreams.

I couldn’t have ended my trip there on any better note!



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