The Weekly

Inspired by some of my favourite girls in the game, I’m starting a weekly series to keep everyone a little more connected and share with you some things that would normally slip through the blog posts!

I’m finally back in Detroit after getting stuck in Ireland for an extra week because of Hurricane Ophelia. I was honestly kind of dreading staying a week longer – I had to miss Theatre Bizarre and going to the Finger Lakes with my family, two things that I’d been looking forward to for ages.

I ended up having the best time though! I got to stay at the Dylan, which isn’t exactly schleppin’ it. I also met some great people during my extra time there, and saying goodbye at the end ended up being bittersweet. Anyways, I’m back home readjusting to life-as-usual, with lots to look forward to.

Love Never Dies

I was lucky enough to attend Love Never Dies at the Fisher Theatre. I actually drove straight from the airport to Fisher Theatre to make the performance, and was delighted to find that Andrew Lloyd Webber himself had flown in for the show as well! Being the ALW obsessive I was in my youth – I totally geeked out. It was a great welcome back to the city. Tickets are still available for their final shows, so don’t miss out!

Stranger Things

I cannot wait to binge watch the entire season this weekend. While I was in Edinburgh I stopped with my friends at The Upside Down, which was a spot-on Stranger Things pop up complete with 80s board games and Eggo cocktails. It’s still open for a couple more days – so don’t miss it if you’re in town!


I am so excited for Gobsmacked to come to town next week! I think I saw them at least five times during Fringe a couple years back, so totally geeked out to see that they’re coming to Detroit to open their North American tour. The cast has changed since I first saw them, but the creative team is still intact (and BallZee is still on the roster!) so I know it will be just as amazing. I’ve been re-watching their promo video on repeat and am totally geeking out.


My order from Anothersole finally came in. I’m bummed I didn’t get them in time to take to Scotland and Ireland because they are honestly the perfect travel shoe. They’re lightweight and made of high quality leather, as well as being both comfortable enough to walk miles through cobbled streets and stylish enough to wear on a night out. They’ve also got an awesome ethos behind their company, making it easy for me to want to support their growth.

Influence 2018

This week I went to a one-day conference at Cobo Hall focussed on women’s leadership in the digital age and the changing face of influence. In addition to getting to meet a lot of inspiring women who are leaders in industry here in Detroit, I also got to attend a panel with Sophia Amuroso of Girlboss, Rajni Jacques of Teen Vogue, Jaclyn Johnson of Create & Cultivate, and Katie Sturino of Megababe. It was humbling to be in a room with such intelligent, witty, and stylish women – as well as incredibly motivating. The one thing I learned was to always be on the search for the next best thing, to be confident in your worth, and that the most painful periods in life can be harnessed and transformed into the most creative and successful. I left feeling so inspired, and truly hope more events like this come to our city!

Cycle Pub

I’m going on the Cycle Pub through the streets Detroit tomorrow for my friend’s birthday. It’s meant to be absolutley freezing, but I’m still looking forward to warming up with some hot toddys en-route. If you’ve been before (especially if you’ve been in less than ideal conditions) let me know some tips!




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