The Weekly

This week has absolutely flown by! I was busy sending transcripts and researching courses, and before I knew it Friday night had already come and gone.

That meant that most of my week was pretty unremarkable, but I still managed to squeeze in a little fun here and there. I’ve mostly enjoyed catching up with some of my friends before the holiday rush. I feel like from Thanksgiving to New Year’s everyone is in a rush to buy presents, drive to this party or that, and try to make a million dinner parties. It becomes so stressful to get everyone together once that hits, so I’m just enjoying the calm moments in the meantime.

Japanese Gallery at the DIA

Last weekend the Detroit Institute of Arts organised a huge party to celebrate the opening of their Japanese Gallery. I was blown away by both the quality and sheer scale of the event. Hundreds of performers were flown in from Japan to showcase their craft, which included everything from doll-making to martial arts. Some of the events were even participatory if you got there early enough. I was thrilled to be able . Although the festivities are over, the Japanese Gallery is still open and free with admission and is well worth a visit.

Abercrombie & Fitch

Abercrombie has really upped its game in recent years. If you’ve been watching my Insta stories, you would have got a peek at their new store in the Somerset Collection. Boy oh boy, it it cool. The dressing rooms are super futuristic – you can adjust the music, change the lighting, and even charge your phone! It’s mental. They’ve also got the cutest sweaters this season. I’ve got a couple of them hanging out in my shopping basket – this dolman sleeve cardigan, this cosy blush turtleneck, this arran inspired knit, and this lightweight turtleneck with super cute ruffle detailing. Let me know which one you think I should get!


I thought that I knew the story of Frankenstein, but re-reading it in my Romantics class has made me see the story with totally fresh eyes. If you haven’t already given the classic a chance, Project Gutenberg has the entire book available online for free. There’s also a fantastic version on Audible narrated by Kenneth Branagh that really brings the underlying emotion to life.

Detroit Cocktail Classic

I’m really excited to be going to Detroit Cocktail Classic with my friends next weekend. Both of Eastern Market’s sheds will be filled with some of the restaurants in town showing off their finest bartending – including The Apparatus Room, Grey Ghost, Prime + Proper, Two James, Bad Luck Bar, and Mabel Gray, to name a few! The tickets are pricey, but include twelve beverage samples, and a portion of the proceeds go towards O.A.T.S. They’re still selling tickets online for Friday’s event – but I have a feeling they’ll be sold out soon!

L.L. Bean Sale

I bought my trusty bean boots exactly one year ago during L.L. Bean’s annual sale! They’ve traveled with me everywhere from the Upper Peninsula to the Scottish Highlands without fail. Beyond being incredibly cute, they’re also durable. If anything goes does wrong, you’re protected under their lifetime warranty. I took advantage of the 25% off sale to buy their fanciest pair, complete with tumbled leather and a cosy shearling fur lining. After all this time, I’m still so glad that I decided to splurge that little bit more to have that extra warmth and comfort in the middle of winter.

Pumpkin Risotto

Last night was my friend’s Second Annual Fall Fun Day. Everyone piled into her home, filling the kitchen with crockpots and baking dishes full of homemade delights. I stumbled upon this fantastic recipe for pumpkin risotto with walnuts from Krumpli, and it was such a hit! It was warm, hearty, and perfectly autumnal. The best part? It looks as if you’ve put way more effort in than you actually have! I always love making risotto for big group parties because it’s no more effort scale for twenty people. So if you’re still debating about what to bring to your upcoming Friendsgiving, I’d give this a shout.



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