Malahide Castle, County Dublin

After spending a dream-like night in Howth, I hopped on the train to another explore another of Dublin County’s little seaside towns.

Malahide is connected via DART, and is only twenty minutes on the train from Tara Station in the heart of Dublin, which made it a perfect little afternoon trip. The main attraction is Malahide Castle, located just a short walk away from the station.

The only way to see the interior of the castle is by guided tour, which are pretty limited by size and were completely booked up when I arrived. Nonetheless, it was impressive just from the outside.

I paid a small fee to be able to explore the gardens, which I think is truly the main treat.

The gardens as they stand today were curated by Milo Tabot, who was the last in a long family line to inherit the castle. He allowed his passion for exotic botany, particularly from the southern hemisphere.

They’re grounds are filled with greenhouses containing all sorts of exotic delights, and are at once both wild and perfectly manicured.

By the time I finished roaming through every last corner of the gardens, my nose was numb and I was in desperate need of a hot cup of tea. I headed back to refuel at the Avoca Foodhall, conveniently located right in the visitor centre where you buy your tickets.

The food wasn’t exactly a bargain, but it was delicious and generously portioned.

I got the salmon tartine, served hot alongside three hearty salads. After spending several hours out in the cold, it did just the trick.

I don’t think there’s a bad time to visit Malahide. Yes, it was much colder, but I felt as if I had the place entirely to myself. And to compensate for my frozen fingers, I was treated to crimson ivy climbing ancient stone walls, russet flora, and xxx.

That being said, I can’t imagine how glorious it all would be to pack a little picnic while the gardens in bloom on a day with blue skies and sunshine.



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