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It’s been quite a while since I last checked in! I had the misfortune of getting rear ended by a drunk driver while driving home. After having a million scans and tests at the hospital and doctors’, I can conclude that I’m not going to die – although I did take a solid break to rest and recuperate. I’m thankfully back to (mostly) top form, and have twice as much that I’m bursting to share!

Peacock Room

Prior to the accident, I got to dress up all fancy for the charity opening of The Peacock Room in The Fisher. It’s honestly one of the most breathtaking places I’ve ever been in. What was once rather sad looking branch of a local bank with drop ceilings has now been restored to its former glory – and no detail has been overlooked. Crystal chandeliers, spiral staircases. Just walking in is a glamourous experience in itself . Rachel very kindly let me pick out some vintage jewels from her collection to wear for the evening.

Enough Said

Enough Said is a joint venture between the Michigan Women’s Foundation (which I’ve recently become a full fledged member of!) and the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Commission that was the recipient of the Peacock Room’s charity opening. In 2011, an old police warehouse was re-discovered with more than eleven thousand untested rape kits just sitting there, collecting dust. Some of the rape kits are so old that the statue of limitations has run out on covicting the perpetrators, but aside from those unfortunate few Kym Worthy has been able to convict more than 800 serial rapists, with links to 40 other states,  Elle did a really great video about it that I’ll link to below.

Alias Grace

Lots of time in bed has meant lots of time to discover great new shows. I’ve completely fallen in love with Alias Grace, a six-part adaption of Margaret Atwood’s novel by the same name. It’s a moody, Victorian psychological thriller inspired by the actual murders of a genteel master and his paramour in Southern Ontario by domestic servants. The show, like the book, is brilliant because it’s so much more than just a murder mystery – it explores the depths and complications regarding guilt and innocence, as well as a suffocating class structure that permeates our culture to this day.

Detroit Denim

I am so excited that Detroit Denim finally have released their women’s line! I went over to their Harbortown Warehouse last week with the Michigan Women’s Foundation to celebrate the launch over a few glasses of wine. They use American made selvedge denim, but add a bit of stretch for the women’s pairs. There are currently four styles: Slim, Athletic, Curvy, and Classic. As always, each pair is left unhemmed for on-site tailoring and includes lifetime repairs. You can stop by anytime to grab a pair, or head in after the holiday rush for pair that’s tailored just for your tastes and measurements!

The New Monday

Shigeto’s new album, The New Monday, is so cool. It’s simultaneously techno, jazz, r&b, and hip hop – essentially a love letter to Detroit’s rich musical history. The music video released for Detroit Part II is just as unbearably cool as the rest of the album. I’ll leave a link to it below to whet your appetite, and when he’s back from his nationwide tour be sure to catch him and the rest of the ZGTO crew every Monday evening at Motor City Wine for their Monday is The New Monday residency.

Noel Night

This Saturday is one of my favourite events of the year – Noel Night! If you haven’t been before, its an annual celebration hosted by Midtown Detroit Inc that’s totally free to the public. It’s grown year after year, and now includes more than two hundred venues – complete with hundreds of live performances in venues like the Riviera Courtyard and Motor City Brewing Warehouse, ice sculpting competitions, and horse drawn carriage rides down Woodward Avenue.



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