A Boston Tea Party

If you read through my Boston Weekend Guide last week, you’ll already know that a visit to the Boston Public Library is not to be missed.

The building features soaring pillars, mythic murals, and of course, wall after wall lined with books.

Rather marbellous, if you ask me!

One of the best surprises was stumbling into the Courtyard Restaurant, a little gem hiding in plain sight that exclusively serves afternoon tea.

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Is it blasphemous to have a tea party in Boston of all places? Probably – but the secret’s safe with us!

The menus were all adorably tucked into old books, and billowing linen curtains swayed gently with the warm spring breeze. Aesthetically, the experience could not have been any more perfect!

The meal is served in proper British fashion with three layers of decadence – delicious little savoury open faced sandwiches, freshly baked scones beside marmalade and lemon curd, and dainty little petit fours to finish.

Having spent the past few months away from the little island that’s become my second home, it was a welcome treat!

If you find yourself in Boston (which you absolutely should do!) be sure to put this on the top of your list.



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